Brandon Wilson

About Me

I am a strong technical leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed. My background is deeply technical, and I am a successful individual contributor, cloud systems architect, team lead, organization manager, founder, mentor, and consultant.

  • Residence Los Angeles, CA
  • e-mail bcwilson at bcwilson dot com
  • Phone 281.750.9483

What I Do

Secure Cloud Systems Engineering

My technical experience includes designing and building massively scalable, highly reliable systems both self-hosted and based on cloud services such as AWS. My technical interests currently focus around privacy, security, and cloud-based systems architecture, including scalable distributed systems and infrastructure within the payment card industry.

Let's get down to business

My past business experience includes establishing and maintaining high level business relationships, due diligence for acquisitions, internal entrepreneurship, raising development funds, and managing industry compliance programs such as PCI, SOC, and HIPAA.


From time to time, I find something that I consider to be positive to helpful to society as a whole. In these situations, I am happy to provide my time as a conslutant to select projects that meet this critera.

Mindful Advisor & Mentor

During my 20+ years working in various sectors, I've worked with thousands of people. The last two decades have taught me a few things about being a mindful advisor and mentor to those I can be of service to. First, technology changes every day, it comes and goes. What's important is the people you help along the way. Secondly, if you truly want to learn something, teach it.



Fun Facts

Chai Teas


Incidents Resolved

too many

Awards Won



Professional Certifications


Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Validation Number: XY88YQRKCJFEQPG3


Sun Microsystems / Oracle

Solaris 10 System Administrator - Exam: 1Z0-876

Sparc T4-Based Server Installation Certified Implementation Specialist - Exam: 1Z1-597

Recent Experience

2019 - Current
Boulevard Labs

Lead DevOps Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer

First DevOps Engineer / SRE at a Series A financial tech startup. Built a highly secure and scalable multi-account AWS infrastructure framework using Terraform from the ground up. Saw the company through multiple rounds of fundraising, while managind our core compliance initiatives such as PCI and SOC2.

Sony PlayStation Network (SIEE)

DevOps Team Lead

Lead a team of 6 DevOps engineers in thier goal of migration legacy backend services from physical data centers to AWS.

2016 - 2018
Red Bull Media House

DevOps Team Manager, Lead Cloud Engineer

Built a team of DevOps Engineers in order to create and deploy the infrastructure for the new digital streaming platform RedBull.TV

Technical Skills

Secure Cloud Systems Engineering


Compliance Management


Distributed Systems


Amazon Web Services


Soft Skills

Mindful Advisor & Mentor




Business Development



  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • ECS
  • RDS Aurora
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Flexibility